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What’s Your Story?

Story-telling is at the heart of the gospel commission. While on earth, Jesus modeled the art of effective story-telling and instructed His followers to carry His story to the ends of the earth. In addition, we each have stories to share of how God as touched our lives. Much of the loneliness and heartache in the world can be traced to the fact many are longing for someone to hear their stories and to help them find happy endings.

“What’s Your Story?” by Craig Wortmann. Written for the business world, this book has many applications that can be applied to ministry settings. It is easy to read and full of “stories” that illustrate the value of storytelling. A must read for everyone involved in leading people.

Author and entrepreneur Craig Wortmann is president and CEO of Wisdom Tools. Founded in 1999, Wisdom Tools designs, develops, and publishes story-based Scenarios software for Fortune 200 organizations and top-tier business schools. As an executive, consultant, coach, and speaker, Wortmann focuses on how leaders use stories to link a company’s strategic direction with their people’s actions and motivations. His depth of experience in this arena comes from helping large organizations improve performance in the areas of leadership, sales, service, teamwork, ethical decision making, and client delight. Wortmann is a nationally sought-after speaker on leadership and entrepreneurship. His clients include many of the world’s premier organizations.

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The author is donating 20 percent of the proceeds from his book to, an early literacy program for pre-K and  kindergarten children.

The art of Adventist story-telling is being pursued at

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