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“We Miss You” Member Cards

Church Support services (CSS) has developed a greeting card that can be personalized and mailed (or handed) to individuals who have stopped attending your church (for whatever reason). Without getting into anything heavy, the card simply says, “you’ve been missed at church.”

There are many reasons someone stops going to a particular church, including COVID. With COVID everyone stopped attending for a bit due to safety precautions. And it will probably be a while before we get back to normal.

Beyond COVID, non-attendance may be triggered by the loss of a job. Or, a member may be attending another church, or traveling for an extended period of time. They may be burned out or physically exhausted. They may not like the pastor or another member. Someone at church may have offended them. The list goes on and on.

Under normal times, the things that keep people coming to a church are positive, ethical leadership, a strong spiritual ethos, and warm relations with other members and attendees. People tend to go where they are valued and loved. Every church should have an intentional plan to be put into place when members are missing or away for long periods of time.

If it is determined that someone is away because they have been offended or mistreated, what are you going to do besides pray?

This special greeting card can be personalized and sent to a non-attending member. The key word here is “personalized.” These are not designed for mass distribution, but require someone writing a personal note on them that conveys a warm message to the recipient.

(Front panel)

I haven’t seen you lately
and am hoping
everything’s OK.

My life is so busy
sometimes I lose track of time.

(Inside panel)

You are special to me
and our church…

and I just want to say,
you’ve been missed!


See order information below.

Get a larger View: Panel 1
Get a larger View: Panel 2


We’ll be happy to send you a free sample so you can see the card and envelope quality. The quality is as nice as what you would expect to find in a card store.

Cost – We worked with our designer in southern California to create these, and are making them available at our cost, which is .84 per card (includes the envelope).

Place an Order – To request samples, ask questions, or place orders, contact us here.

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