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Videos With a Message

Thanks to YouTube, video content can now be broadcasts to large audiences with very little expense and effort. By converting its videos to flash, YouTube demonstrated that most broadband services are good enough to view videos online.

As YouTube continues to refine its product, other industries are beginning to realize how this medium can be used for non-entertainment purposes. For example, news commentators are predicting YouTube played a large role in the 2008 presidential election process.

After studying the YouTube concept, several began asking why the same technology couldn’t be used to help network members with one another, especially for sharing ministry ideas. Church Support Services Director, Rich DuBose says, “The idea seemed so obvious, we were amazed that someone was not already doing it.”

After a couple of months of prayerful planning and site building, SpiritFlash went live in July 2007. Over the years it hast evolved and changed with the times. Now it is called Stories of Faith and resides on Vimeo.

Visit Stories of Faith on Vimeo.

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Rich DuBose

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Rich DuBose

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