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Using Social Media in Ministry

Create a special interest group on Facebook or a special interest circle on Google+.

You can create a facebook group around something you are passionate about. In your group you can be helpful and create close bonds with your members. Without mentioning your religious ideas, you can forge bonds that will make you influential. Then you can search for teachable moments, and respond to them prayerfully.

Consider the possibility of creating a secret facebook group for your Sabbath School class. Think of the possibilities! Your class could even come up with a plan for online evangelism!

Ways to Show You Care:

  1. When people ask their friends to pray, let them know you’re praying.
  2. Ask for prayer sometimes.
  3. Ask for help and advice. People love to help and it makes them feel good that you asked.
  4. Post beautiful pictures. Posts with pictures draw more attention.
  5. Choose a different friend each day and go post a greeting or special photo on their Facebook wall.
  6. Say Happy Birthday! Facebook lets you know, so search for birthdays in the top right corner each morning.
  7. Once you know someone well enough, ask for their mailing address. Send a special card now and then, or a postcard when traveling.
  8. Share something humorous at least once a week. Laughter is a good medicine after all!
  9. I had my friends guessing my location from photographs when we were on vacation. It was fun!
  10. Share something cute at least once a week. Making people smile helps them feel better.
  11. If they have an online business, buy from them if they sell something you need.

How to Find New Friends in Social Media:

This depends on the platform. Let’s say you want to find new friends in Facebook. Your existing friends are having discussions with their friends. Request to be a friend after you’ve interacted with them a little. It’s not a bad thing to have a lot of friends. As your network increases, so will your influence. On Twitter, use the search feature and follow people.

Create a private group to discuss specific topics. If you want to get into a topic that is controversial, make the group either closed or secret. Allow members to invite others. Join private groups that others have created.

Create interest lists on Facebook. This is something new and can help you find people who share some of the same interests as you have. It also helps you find content you can share on social media to get attention and build your influence.

How to Build Your Influence:

  1. To have influence, you need to only post things that are true. Check out facts before reposting anything. Check them out at, or hoax slayer on Facebook.
  2. Don’t use jargon!
  3. Be kind.
  4. Be funny.
  5. Create a blog and share your blog posts on social media. If you don’t have one, share your friends’ content on social media.
  6. Visit people in person if possible. Post pictures of your visit.
  7. Don’t whine and rant about human beings, even politicians!
  8. Above all, remember the golden rule!

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