Friday, September 29 2023 - 6:08 AM

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Thom Rainer Dissects Shifting Church Trends

Thom Rainer dissects the potential death of denominations, the stunning decline in evangelism, and the digital revolution for small churches. Bestselling author, Thom Rainer, returns to the Carey Nieuwhof podcast to discuss the three biggest shifts and trends he’s seeing in the church right now.

Adventists would do well to listen and consider, if and how, this trend is impacting our church. Within Adventism, is denominational loyalty on the decline? What do we mean by evangelism today? Is fulfilling the gospel mission still our primary focus? How has the pandemic affected our churches? Has Adventism fully embraced the digital realm for church ministry? Are small churches holding their own in the digital world?

This discussion is sure to stretch and challenge our perception of ministry in the 21 century.

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