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The Invitation: Searching for Community

Normalcy is no longer the norm! The world we once knew is being replaced with one that is angrier, more cynical, and partisan. People (both secular and religious) are worried and depressed.

Hard questions about work, money, and ultimate meaning, captivate our waking thoughts. Questions about security and truth jump out of the recesses of our thinking onto center stage. Where can we find both?

The Invitation: Searching for Community In a Hostile Age, is a new book by Rich DuBose that addresses where we are today with some of the craziness in our world. How do we find truth in a post-truth era?

The Invitation invites readers to embrace life’s enduring ideals—which interestingly, undergird God’s ultimate plan for humanity.

The Invitation is meant to be shared with non-Christian and Christian friends. It can be shared with family members (especially those who have become disenchanted with church), and those who are searching for a better way.

The Next Step

At the end of the book, a URL leads interested readers to a webpage with more articles and resources that enlarge on how to connect with a community of faith.

What Others are Saying

Gregory W. Hamilton, President, Hamilton Library and Constitution Center

“This book flows beautifully and secular and religious readers will find it to be an enriching, life-changing, one day read. Using the backdrop of his own personal conversion experience over many years, and many useful key illustrations — both historical and allegorical — the author Rich DuBose urges the reader to discard the deceptive and all-consuming distractions of conspiracy theories, political prejudice, and fear-mongering about government and governmental leaders.

His replacement counsel invites all openminded individuals to find in Jesus Christ the essence of the Gospel of Good News — a new life of individual responsibility in community with our neighbor. In short, the Golden Rule. This means a renewed experience in compassion, love, and forgiveness toward those we disagree with an effort to be a healing influence in this increasingly chaotic world. Ultimately, this treasure of a book calls us to be responsible individuals in God’s ideal community in preparation for eternity with Him in Heaven.”

David B. Smith, Teacher and Author

“Can there be such a thing as a quiet clarion call? This gentle book by DuBose is that very thing! The Invitation lays out a blueprint for today’s churches and the flawed but earnest people who populate them. We can continue to harden into bitter, politically divided silos . . . or the people of God can learn to embrace those who suffer and all who are weary and heavy-laden.

One strength of this volume is that it draws from an eclectic library of resources, including Bob Dylan and Mark Twain! DuBose is a disarming writer who punctuates his ideals with his own foibles and trial-and-error moments of divine grace and growth. I was especially challenged and blessed by his fifth chapter: “Catching People With Love.” When was the last time, he asks, that your church hosted a seminar on the simple idea of “How to Love Others”? At the book’s optimistic conclusion, he proposes that most of the evangelical church’s hotly debated points of theology and party alignment could be effectively conquered by this one dictum: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Cindy Tutsch, Associate Director, Ellen G. White Estate (retired)

“Thousands of young people have rejected the gods of pride, prejudice, and hatred they have seen extolled by too many. In this book, Rich DuBose invites us to consider another God altogether—One who has destroyed the dividing walls of hostility and creates a single new humanity, commanding them to love one another as He has loved them. I hope everyone in my life and yours will read this book!”

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