Tuesday, March 21 2023 - 4:19 PM

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest

The Future of Giving

Vance Roush on the Future of Giving: Crypto, Fintech and How to Unleash Generosity by Making Stock Donations to Churches and Charities Easier

Vance Roush is the founder of Overflow.co, a startup designed to make giving non-cash donations like stocks, assets and crypto to churches easy. As Web3 expands and Boomers transfer 18 billion dollars in wealth in the next few decades, how people give has to change. As a 32-year-old entrepreneur and church planter, Vance shares the journey that led him to create Overflow and where he sees the future of money, generosity and giving heading for every church and even business leader. The discussion is hosted by Carey Nieuwhof.

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