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Stitched with Love

Creativity manifests itself in many ways, gifted to us by our Maker. Typically, we think of painting, film production, poetry, photography, and songwriting as the primary forms of expression. However, there are many other vehicles, including quilt making. Discover how Janet Bottroff (an Azure Hills Church member in the Pacific Union Conference) uses this art form and hobby to enrich people’s lives and make them smile.

Small-Group and Leadership Questions:

Watch the video and ask participants to respond to the following questions:

  1. What do you like about this story?
  2. How can our hobbies be used to create connections and pathways to God’s heart?
  3. Can you think of other pursuits that could lend themselves to this kind of thing?
  4. Talk about how one of your hobbies could become a bridge to fostering meaningful relationships.
  5. How would you feel if your church offered sewing, auto mechanics, painting, or guitar classes?
  6. Does an activity have to be spiritual to have spiritual value?

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