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Put the Kids Up Front

Step into the Kailua Seventh-day Adventist church on any given Sabbath and observe the children! It won’t take you long to recognize that this congregation not only values their “offspring,” they embrace their gifts and incorporate them in a variety of ways in the services. You will perceive that someone is intentional about including them in the over-all agenda.

On a recent visit to the church I was in conversation with an arriving parent whose daughter impatiently tugged her mom’s dress, urging that they hurry so as not to be late for Sabbath School. It seems she was in charge of the music and mom needed to unlock the trunk so she could get her ukulele. As she retrieved her instrument a primary-age boy came along and inquired if she was ready for her part in the skit he had a part in writing. Both were ambitiously enthusiastic in their anticipation of Sabbath School at its best. A tour through each division that morning gave evidence that Sabbath School is alive and well in Kailua.

No sooner had classes ended but a flurry of activity began as children hustled to assemble on the lanai, instruments in hand, in preparation to join the Praise Team. Prior to making their way to the platform, a Junior boy was busily setting up microphones, amplifiers and stands. Some of the older youth were helping the younger children get their instruments tuned. Their ages ranged from about 7 to 17 years and they comprised a good half of the entire team of 27. Another Junior activated the descent of the screen on which the words of the team’s music would be displayed. At the piano, poised and ready, sat a young man anxious to get things rolling as the team positioned themselves for action.

A blend of harmony burst forth at the stroke of the leader’s initiation and one was carried to the heavenly courts as the voices of the young blended in with those of their mentors.

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