Monday, May 16 2022 - 3:08 PM

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest

Short Devotional Videos

Christian Smith is an Adventist pastor in Oklahoma who uses media to connect with his community and world. He creates short devotionals that convey an …

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How We Worship

worshiping with arms raised

A recent phenomenon in contemporary Christianity is highly orchestrated and deeply personal worship music. Whether its source is Bethel Music or our brothers and sisters …

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The Future of Giving

Vance Roush on the Future of Giving: Crypto, Fintech and How to Unleash Generosity by Making Stock Donations to Churches and Charities Easier Vance Roush …

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What Do Adventists Believe?

Matt Whitman from The Ten Minute Bible Hour explores who Seventh-day Adventists are and what they believe. To do this he interviews three Adventist leaders. The …

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When Disaster Strikes

In the Summer of 2021, California’s largest wildfire, the Dixie Fire, roared into Greenville, California, as a wall of fire that destroyed everything in its …

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Future Church Trends

How to Lead Through Profoundly Disorienting Change, and What to Expect in 2022: Mark Sayers joins Carey Nieuwhof for a wide-ranging conversation about the profoundly disorienting …

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Assorted Resources

This page contains a collection of resources that were recently featured in our Renew newsletter. If you wish to receive it, you can subscribe at …

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