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Live Streaming Worship

During COVID-19, if your church “live streams” its worship services, you are fortunate to be able to attend your home church while its physical services are suspended. If your church does not stream, there are many options out there that you can link into. Here are a few you may want to try.

Azure Hills SDA Church – Grand Terrace, California

Desert Valley SDA Church – Tucson, Arizona

Camarillo SDA Church – Camarillo, California

Campus Hill SDA Church – Loma Linda, California

Carmichael SDA Church – Sacramento, California

Clearview SDA Church – Surprise, Arizona

El Monte Vietnamese SDA Church – El Monte, California

Glendale SDA Church – Glendale, Arizona

Honolulu SDA Church – Honolulu, Hawaii

Kansas Avenue SDA Church – Riverside, California

La Sierra University Church – Angwin, California

Loma Linda University Church – Loma Linda, California

Mt. Rubidoux SDA Church – Riverside, California

Mountain View SDA Church – Las Vegas, Nevada

Paradise Valley Spanish SDA Church – National City, California

San Luis Obispo SDA Church – San Luis Obispo, California

Santa Rosa SDA Church, Santa Rosa, California

Sparks SDA Church – Sparks, Nevada

Sunnyvale SDA Church, Mountain View, California

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