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Less Stress, More Worship

Many churches have been forced to stream their services—even though they may lack the expertise or trained volunteers. This has become a huge challenge, especially for small churches. These presentations will help you learn practical and affordable ways to make your streamed worship service run smoothly.

Less Stress, More Worship is an inter conference collaborative training event sponsored by Central, Northern and Southeastern California Conferences. It provides pastors and church media teams the opportunity to learn about best practices, affordable gadgets, and new technologies to improve live streaming events with limited resources.

This 3-hour conference is divided into 5 thirty-minute sessions:

Enno Mueller, SECC Communication Director begins by explaining the basics of video shooting and editing to create a more visually engaging product. Baron Sovary, Juniper Avenue Church Pastor shares basic techniques for livestreaming and Danilo Baraga, Loma Linda University Church Video Engineer explains more advanced livestreaming methods to improve the online church service. Laurie Trujillo, NCC Communication and Development Director shares how to engage your audience for increased participation and giving. Bryant Taylor, Azure Hills Church Media Pastor introduces the latest and affordable gadgets on the market. Sergio Cano, CCC Media Arts Director participates in the question/answer session and shares ideas on how to improve the church worship experience.

For easy access the entire training event was broadcasted simultaneously to all three conferences’ Facebook pages and YouTube channels and using a new livestreaming platform. Pastors and media teams found the information helpful and were excited to implement at their church. There is a plan in place to continue hosting inter conference collaborative training events to support the work of the local church to spread the good news of the Gospel.

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