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Motorcycle Journey
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Ministry Reflections From the Seat of a Bike 

Journeys is a duet of sorts. The author, Pastor Marvin Wray, takes readers on a 11,393 mile motorcycle trip around the U.S.–while providing an inside look at his own personal spiritual journey through six-plus decades of experiencing God. It began as a sabbatical project through his church in an attempt to find out what is happening in Seventh-day Adventist Churches across America. Why are some growing and most not? What is the degree of optimism among the pastors and the laity? How willing are we to embrace change in a church that looks strongly to its roots?

Fulfilling a Life Long Dream

As he began to put a plan in place Wray saw an opportunity to fulfill a life long dream of riding his motorcycle around the country while harvesting his research data. A full year in planning, the road trip took two months two to execute, and another year in getting it into book form.

Wray believes that the information he found, while connecting with only one church that was not Seventh-day Adventist, is applicable to all churches in general. There may be some aspects that are unique to Adventists, but, for the most part, people are people and issues of control, resistance to change, and the need to connect with today’s young families are pretty much the same everywhere.

Having ample time to reflect while riding countless hours alone he felt called to share his personal spiritual journey and how it has developed and changed through sixty-four years of life and thirty-seven years of ministry.

This book doesn’t have all the answers. But if you are involved in any aspect of church ministry this read will raise some issues worthy of your consideration.

Journeys is available from,, or you can obtain a signed copy from the author at: [email protected].

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