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The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest


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An effective media presence can be created regardless of the size of your budget! Whether your church is large or small, you can create a significant online presence – and Pacific Union Conference Church Support Services is ready to help.

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* Support does not include basic assistance or maintenance with NetAdventist or Adventist Church Connect web products. These entities offer their own tech support and are better equipped to service your needs. We WILL help you with ideas about critical content, Social media strategies and other technologies that can help you extend your web presence.
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About Rich DuBose, Chip Dizard and Rich DuBose

Rich DuBose

is director of Church Support Services for the Pacific Union Conference

Chip Dizard

Chip Dizard is a technology expert, speaker, mentor and trainer who is committed to helping people and ministries grow their organization.

Rich DuBose

writes from Northern California

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