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Instant Pot Meals to the Rescue

The Camp Fire survivors in Paradise, California, found themselves in a twilight zone, where the simplest tasks suddenly became excruciatingly difficult. In addition to no longer having a place to live, they still needed to wash clothes, take showers, and eat. Things the average person does every day, almost without thought, became complex and challenging. How do you cook a meal when you’ve lost your kitchen? And if you suddenly find yourself living in a camper, how do you prepare meals for your family? Rick and Jean Aldridge (with Adventist Health), and Pastor Dan Martella (with the Paradise Adventist Church), came up with a plan to equip survivors with Instant Pots and menus as a way to make quick, nutritious meals.

Small-Group and Leadership Questions:

Watch the video and ask participants to respond to the following questions:

  1. Name one tangible thing that would devastate you if you were to lose it in a house fire.
  2. Does your community currently have a pressing need in the absence of a disaster?
  3. Name three reasons why your church should exist.
  4. Collaboration is significant when seeking to respond to a local need. How can your church be more collaborative?
  5. List five things that lifted your spirit as you watched this video.

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