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If You Want to Be Lonely

Not many people set out to be lonely, but it happens! And sometimes we bring it upon ourselves:

  • Don’t let anyone near you who has problems.
  • Instead of working through difficult issues, ignore them and hope they’ll go away!
  • Pretend that your needs are more important than anyone else’s.
  • Put your heart where your money is.
  • Keep God at arms length.
  • Adopt, “I Did it My Way” as your theme song.
  • Treasure things and use people.
  • Believe that you have it harder than everyone else.
  • Complain and be negative when things don’t go your way.

Do the above and you’ll be amazed with how easy it is to be lonely and keep people away. If you want to be happy and find meaning in your life keep reading.

Satisfaction, by Karen Spruill
As a parent, I have tried to give up on the idea that my children must be happy but I would like for them to have a sense of meaning in their lives. I know the process can be difficult and painful at times.

Road to Happiness, by Mike Jones
Even though our quality of life in this country has risen significantly since World War II, the number of people who consider themselves happy has remained flat for the last 50 years. In fact, people today are 10 times more likely to suffer from depression as those born two generations ago.

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