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The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest

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Effective Reconnecting Churches

These elements can help your church become a positive attraction to those who are drifting away or who wish to re-establish ties with Adventism, but who are hesitant for fear of what they may find.

1. Proactively respond to the signals of disengaging members. It’s easier to keep a connection before they are gone.

2. First impressions matter. Train greeters to welcome everyone-including the returning member. Teach every member to be a “greeter.”

3. Develop a safe place, or special class, where greeters can direct returning members. In this small group they can openly discuss triumphs, troubles, doubts, and dysfunctions.

4. Engage missing members within the first six weeks of their return (i.e. invite them to join community service teams). If you exceed that window, the majority will leave again.

5. Provide activities away from church. Sometimes the church environment is too much to handle at first.

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