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Creating Photo Memories

Technology has come a long way, offering us many options to make great memories using photographs. Here are some tips that, hopefully, will assist you in creating some great photo memories.

Check the setting on your digital camera.

Many of us like to see how many photos we can fit on the disk in our digital cameras. To do that, the camera is usually on the lowest setting possible and results in a photo with low resolution. But, when taking photos to be used in print, set the digital camera on the highest setting for quality and size. The result will be a photo with high resolution for print.

Take time to create a well-composed photo.

We get many photos that are taken from a distance with lots of distractions around the subject. Keep in mind as you take your photo that “just as a composer uses all the instruments in a symphony to create a stirring piece of music, you should compose each picture so that its parts work together to create a work of beauty. Each item in a picture has an effect on the whole, so don’t just point and shoot. Take a little time to compose each picture into the masterpiece it could be,” says Kelly Coe, Columbia Union Visitor art director.

Check to make sure you have the best lighting possible.

Check the lighting before you take your photo. When using a flash, make sure you know the flash range. Photos taken beyond the maximum range of your flash will be too dark. You may have to use a flash outdoors to eliminate shadows caused by the bright sun. Avoid windows and mirrors in the background; they could create unwanted glare.

Include vertical photos.

Many photos we receive are taken horizontally. That can, at times, be a challenge, especially when it is a photo we want to use on the cover. So, when photographing events, plan to also include some well-composed vertical shots. Who knows, your photo might just end up on the cover!

Remember to include captions with each photo.

We get lots of photos that have no captions to tell us what is happening in the photo. Keep in mind that our readers did not attend the event. Share a sentence or two of what is happening in the photo and when including names, make sure you provide the first and last name of the people. Also, be sure to verify that their names are spelled correctly.

The photographer should sign his or her work.

The photographer’s name is just as important as the writer’s name. In order to give credit to the photographers who are sending us their photos, be sure to include their names.

Hopefully, these tips will assist you as you take photos and create great photo memories.

Reprinted with permission Altantic Union Gleaner, December 2006, p. 17. All rights reserved.
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