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The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest

Watch & Talk

This section features short videos with questions for small group discussion about local church ministry (nurture and outreach). How can we be more effective and efficient with our ministry efforts? What can we learn from what others are doing, and how can we adapt it to meet our situation?

Church of Diet

How can we find balance in our spiritual lives? Sometimes Christians, and in this case, churches, go too far. Use this as a discussion starter …

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Out of the Ashes

Denise Sanderson’s life has not been easy. The fact that she is now a follower of Jesus and the Director of Adventist Community Services in …

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Belonging to a Small Church

In the Adventist world, there are more small churches than medium-sized or large churches. And most of the large churches are in institutionalized settings. Small …

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What Makes a Church Healthy?

In this short clip, Jim Redfield, former pastor and Conflict Management Specialist, talks about the difference between healthy and sick churches. Small-Group and Leadership Questions: …

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Noise in Church

Is your church child-friendly? You may assume they are, but how well do they tolerate disruptive children? Are they viewed as a nuisance or as …

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Stitched With Love

Creativity manifests itself in many ways, gifted to us by our Maker. Typically, we think of painting, film production, poetry, photography, and songwriting as the …

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Called to Paint

We all know that God calls people to be evangelists, doctors, nurses, pastors, and teachers. But what if I were to add artist to the …

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Building Lives With Guitars

Building guitars from raw chunks of wood requires knowledge, discipline, and patience. Yet, with Duane Calkins—shop teacher at Sacramento Adventist Academy— one has to wonder …

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