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We share videos from many sources, as well as ones that feature personal and church sponsored ministries throughout the North American Division.

The Importance of Love

Obviously, love is important. Some say it’s what makes the world go round! The Apostle Paul wrote a whole chapter about it in 1 Corinthians …

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Gifted: Giving/Mercy

The notion that we should love our neighbor was taken to heart by David Colwell as he changed a family’s life for generations. During decades …

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Sunnyvale Grocery Drive-thru

Sunnyvale SDA Church hosts a grocery drive-thru

In Silicone Valley, the fallout from the COVID Pandemic impacted many families and individuals—just like it did everywhere else. In response, the Sunnyvale Seventh-day Adventist …

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On Deconstructing Faith

Philip Yancey on Deconstructing Faith

Philip Yancey on Growing Up in White, Racist, Paranoid Fundamentalism, Deconstructing His Faith, Reconstructing it, and a Message to Evangelicals. Philip Yancey grew up in …

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ADRA Responds to Ukraine

SILVER SPRING, MD (February 25, 2022) The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) calls for peace and the protection of the millions of people impacted by …

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The Future of Giving

Vance Roush on the Future of Giving: Crypto, Fintech and How to Unleash Generosity by Making Stock Donations to Churches and Charities Easier Vance Roush …

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What Do Adventists Believe?

Matt Whitman from The Ten Minute Bible Hour explores who Seventh-day Adventists are and what they believe. To do this he interviews three Adventist leaders. The …

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When Disaster Strikes

In the Summer of 2021, California’s largest wildfire, the Dixie Fire, roared into Greenville, California, as a wall of fire that destroyed everything in its …

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Can We Still Do Ministry?

The future is certain to include an increasing litany of disasters—induced by changing weather patterns, economic uncertainty and political unrest. Is your church prepared for …

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