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Called to Assemble
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Called to Assemble

Why do people “go to” church? What does that even mean?

“Let us consider how to inspire each other to greater love and to righteous deeds, not forgetting to gather as a community, as some have forgotten, but encouraging each other, especially as the day of His return approaches” (Hebrews 10:24-25, The Voice).

The word “church” in English Bibles literally means “assembly of the called.” It implies that its members have said “yes” to God’s call in their lives. We assemble because we are called into being by God Himself. Some people, for reasons unknown, choose to live their Christian lives in isolation. When they do, they cut themselves off from the gifts, encouragement, and vitality of others. And perhaps, just as tragically, they deprive the church of the grace and life God has invested in them. (Adapted from The Voice Bible Commentary).

There are times when it is difficult to assemble (like during COVID), but the life and love of the church cannot be constrained indefinitely. There comes a time when the need to share our faith and celebrate God’s goodness compels us to re-assemble. It is the logical response to being Spirit-filled and in Christ.

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