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Assorted Resources

This page contains a collection of church resources that were recently featured in our Renew newsletter. If you wish to receive it, you can subscribe at the top of this page.

Not In It to Win – People sometimes use religion to justify positions, especially around social and political topics. But Christianity was never intended to try and win arguments. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Pastor Andy Stanley seeks to find the middle ground where he believes Jesus is found.

Simple Pastor – Stephen Eastwood, lead pastor of the Merced Olive East SDA Church, has a blog titled, Simple Pastor. Speaking of it, Eastwood says, “People who know me think I make church fun. And I do—some of the time. But we all know that our spiritual life is a lot more than simply having fun. I’d love to see you enjoy and trust God… and his church. That could mean growing your faith, enjoying your spirituality, and launching a new level of service.

“Following God should never be that complicated. Nor should simplicity take anything away from who God is.

“So welcome to this experiment. And do join in, follow and have a great time discovering God and his purpose for you.”

Overcoming Christian Nationalism – In Medias Res: Camilla Bocaniala, a Polylogos Association Cofounder, addresses the challenge of nationalism and Christian nationalism today in the US and Europe. Her presentation is a segment of the broader webinar conversation, “Recognizing and Overcoming Christian Nationalism. This was shared by a group of international panelists in January 2021, and organized by Leadership Focus International.

Stories of Faith Showcase – The Pacific Union Conference has produced a collection of videos (Stories of Faith) that feature individual members and churches who are involved in nurture and outreach ministries. Close to 90 videos feature various ministries and activities that creatively meet people’s needs and share Christ in tangible ways.

Rich DuBose, Church Support Services Director says, “The videos were created to encourage viewers to think of how they can become involved in reaching their world for Christ.” DuBose would like you to think of Stories of Faith as “an incubation zone where you can pick up ideas that can be tweaked and adapted to your setting”

Checkology – How does anyone know what to believe? Misinformation, alternative facts, and fake news are everywhere. Here’s a tool that is gaining in awareness and usage. It’s called Checkology. Checkology’s lessons and other resources show you how to navigate today’s challenging information landscape. You will learn how to identify credible information and seek out reliable sources. You will also learn to apply critical thinking skills to separate fact-based content from falsehoods.

Adventist Society for the Arts (ASA) – Adventist Society for the Arts is one of several projects sponsored by Church Support Services. It is a research and development entity for creative ministry in the Pacific Union Conference. ASA is a virtual and real community of Seventh-day Adventist members gifted in, and passionate about the creative arts, who wish to share their ideas and creations in a collaborative way. Artists can use songwriting, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, videography, and more in powerful ways. They can convey God’s stories of hope and healing to our churches and surrounding communities.

Life Savers Study Guides – Life Savers consists of 16 interactive study guides that cover the core of teachings of scripture about God and life.

Top Patient Safety Awards – Loma Linda University Medical Center and East Campus hospitals were recognized nationally for achievements in patient safety and quality. They received an “A” for fall 2021 from The Leapfrog Group, an independent watchdog organization. Announced today, the designations are widely considered one of the most competitive honors American hospitals can receive.

The Myth of a Christian Nation: How the Quest for Political Power Is Destroying the Church – The church was established to serve the world with Christ-like love, not to rule the world. It is called to look like a corporate Jesus, dying on the cross for those who crucified Him. It’s not meant to be a religious version of Caesar. It is called to manifest the kingdom of the cross in contrast to the kingdom of the sword.

Whenever the church has succeeded in gaining what most American evangelicals are now trying to get – political power – it has been disastrous both for the church and the culture. Whenever the church picks up the sword, it lays down the cross. The present activity of the religious right is destroying the heart and soul of the evangelical church and destroying its unique witness to the world. The church is to have a political voice. But we are to have it the way Jesus had it: by manifesting an alternative to the political, “power over,” way of doing life. We are to transform the world by being willing to suffer for others. We are to exercise “power under,” not by getting our way in society – exercising “power over.”

COVID-19 Resources

Concerns Regarding COVID-19, Church Governance, and Liberty of Conscience — The question of whether an individual should take the COVID-19 vaccine or not has generated significant controversy within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In the light of Christ’s prayer that “they all may be one,” this situation is tragic. Churches have been divided, family members alienated, and friendships severed. The mission of the Church has been hindered, and its evangelistic outreach to the world has been negatively affected. At times inaccurate statements have fostered and furthered these divisions.

Recently, some have challenged the right of the General Conference Administrative Committee (ADCOM) to speak on behalf of the Church. These critical statements have the potential to undermine Church authority, create confusion, and lead to fragmentation. In response to questions from sincere Adventists worldwide, the General Conference leadership here provides answers to some of the issues recently raised.

Covid-19 and the Apocalypse: Religious and Secular Perspectives, by Simon Dein—What are people (both religious and secular) saying about the pandemic? This paper examines secular and religious thoughts pertaining to COVID, particularly as they relate to the Apocalypse.

Combat COVID – Link up with the latest technologies and treatments that are being used to fight COVID. This site is affiliated with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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