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Storytelling at Church

You have a message to share, but the old option of printing fliers, pamphlets or handouts seems kind of lame. With more people carrying smart-phones and tablets, you want to connect with people in ways that are informative. yet compelling! How can your message, and the message of your church be heard amidst the avalanche of data and information that keeps washing through our homes and communities?

The answer is video. When done right, video can grab people’s attention and keep it when nothing else will.

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The following resources provide tips for creating a dynamic video ministry in your church.

1. Start Creating Videos for Your Church – Sounds good but, how do we do it? – Idea Resource

2. Invite Teens and Young Adults to Lead Out – Many youth today already know how to create short videos. This provides a great way for them to be involved in a local church ministry, and it can help expedite your church’s ability to fulfill it’s mission.

3. Gather Ideas (18 Ways to use Video in Your Church)Idea Resource


Together Forever – Produced by El Monte Vietnamese SDA Church

I am an Atlanta Berean Young Adult – Danielle

Local Church Produced Videos

Atlanta Berean SDA Church: Facebook | Website

El Monte Vietnamese Adventist Church: Facebook | Website

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